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2018 West Coast Travel Index Identifies Cost Per Hour

Mobility provider FlixBus has identified the cost per hour, as well as cost per minute, of traveling either by bus or airplane to various destinations on the West Coast.

The analysis also covers routes from and to Los Angeles and will help travelers to put a price tag on their time spent traveling.

Different travelers have different priorities, which has an impact on the type of transport chosen.

While a business traveler might want to save on time at a larger cost, a travel-hacker or student may want to sacrifice a swift journey in exchange for more funds to afford additional fun activities upon arrival.

What exactly could travelers from Los Angeles gain from traveling to a number of destinations on the West Coast upon arrival, by choosing to travel either by airplane or bus?

Based on the 2018 West Coast Travel Index, which FlixBus released earlier this year, the calculations of cost per hour and minute for either mode of transport have been compared with the costs in time and money related to each destination’s major attractions and activities the various groups of travelers might enjoy during their stay.

FlixBus has listed multiple options that put saved funds, as well as time, into perspective.

“Today, travelers have the luxury of choosing between a wide variety of transportation methods. Choosing a method depends on what the customer needs for each specific trip” said André Schwämmlein, CEO of FlixBus. “This may mean taking a flight in order to save time or traveling by bus to be able to use Wi-Fi throughout the journey and save money which can then be used to enjoy activities at the final destination. We believe it’s valuable for travelers to have an overview of their possible choices to find which one best suits their needs.”


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