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4 Ways Teachers Can Afford to Teach This School Year

It’s no secret that teachers are often left to fund their own classroom supplies every year. While class is not in session, teachers are currently tasked with making every penny count — and on a teacher’s salary, there aren’t many pennies.

Thankfully, organizations are getting creative and finding ways to help teachers afford their out-of-pocket costs.

From special deals offered by large retailers to new apps that help bridge the gap, teachers are finding surprising allies ahead of the 2018/2019 school year, including:


  • ClassTag: ClassTag is designed to address three distinct educator needs—saving time, reducing out-of-pocket costs on supplies, and increasing parent engagement by empowering teachers and parents to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate through one digital platform. ClassTag is used in over 2,000 classrooms nationwide with communication available in nearly 50 languages. The app monetizes parent/teacher engagement through its digital currency, “ClassTag Coins,” that can be spent on classroom supplies in ClassTag’s Marketplace — all free of charge to the teachers and students’ families. The company is currently offering teachers a chance to win $1,000 worth of school supplies.


  • Teachers Pay Teachers: With so few resources readily available, teachers have become experts at solving their own, and each others’, problems. Enter Teachers Pay Teachers, an open marketplace where teachers can sell their course materials, lesson plans, and other resources to help classrooms run efficiently and smoothly. Today Teachers Pay Teachers is used by nearly five million educators.


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