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5 Apps Promoting Positive Mindset

Mindset is everything and these 5 apps promoting positive mindset will help you stay positive and focused.

Motive is the reason behind why you to take action in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Becoming self aware or more mindfulness is a humans ability to be fully present. So mindset and staying fully present go hand in hand.

With mobile apps to assist staying positive and in the right frame of mind is easier and more attainable than ever before.

My TOP 5 Apps Promoting Positive Mindset:

  1. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations & Motivation Daily
    • Allows users to build your own personalized self improvement program
  2. Live Happy
    • Uses science and psychology to deliver tips and ideas to live happier and with more meaning
  3. Happify – Activities & Games for Stress & Anxiety
    • Great tools for assisting in managing your emotional well being
  4. Positive thinking – The Key to Happiness
    • Excellent for improving self-esteem
  5. The Original Gratitude Journal
    • Writing is the most effective way to rewire your brain

No one stands alone with the belief of not having the “correct” mindset to achieve or complete the task at hand.

Having a good support group motivates you while not making comparisons allowing for a healthy and comfortable environment. Along with a support group, the motive is what drives the motivation.

Being motivated to act and affect change is always easier when you surround yourself with like minded people who support the same vision as you.

It’s easy to view our capabilities like, intelligence and financial gain as having reached our potential limit of growth.

An important reason to begin using one of the 5 apps promoting positive mindset is because we all have unlocked potential inside. It’s a matter of finding our inner self and taping into it’s power source.

Spending time keeping track of limiting believes hold you back rather than furthering your development and improving our own image of self worth.

View your mindset is like a garden.

Have an idea of the type of garden you want to grow and nourish.

A mixed one needing different levels of effort to tend to different types of plants. Orchids need different care than Daffodils as does tending to stress, anxiety, low self esteem, etc.

To nourish your mindset share your plans with people in your support group. Vocalize your action plan to others is a very simple and effective way of keeping yourself accountable and motivated.

Prepare to commit to a plan and understand that the path and journey is as unique as you are.

Stop using “I want” or “I would” and swap them for “I am” and “I did.” 

Your mindset is completely determined by you!

No one set limits to what you can accomplish why do you set limits on yourself?

Changing your mindset is a daily activity that requires work on your part. It is not easy but the changes you receive will allow you to function on a more mindful level becoming more self aware.

The true test comes now.

Will you change?

Start by watching the clip.

Cintia Duran one of my team members and promoter of conscience living assisted in developing this content for you.


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