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Adapting Technology to Manage Unsafe Content

Clearly smartphones are here to stay, so how can parents better adapt to technology to manage unsafe content and keep their kids safe?

Zift – a brand new app releasing tomorrow September 1st.

Designed to change the space of “Screen-Time Parenting” – parenting in today’s digitally driven age. Here to protect, monitor, and manage unsafe content from children’s smartphone and screen use in a time when our society needs it most.

Zift gets downloaded on both the parent and child/teen phone and works twofold: Zift not only measures and manages unsafe content and screen time that kids might be digitally searching for and engaging with, it also creates an online community for ALL parents. This online space for parents includes a live news feed, resources, surveys and more to help parents keep up with digital trends that could be a threat to the safety of their child.

Other products in this space aim to service as parental control over children and teen tech use while Zift is different in more than a few areas.

  • Not just parental control, creates an online community for parents offering a place to stay a step ahead of children’s and tech trends
  • Provides parents with a LIVE NEWSFEED of trending dangerous apps, new startling trends like “The MoMo Challenge” and “Blue Whale Challenge,” texting slang and more
  • Monitors for dangerous key words and alerts parents (suicide, gun purchase, drugs, porn, etc.)
  • Provides parents with weekly newsletters, allowing them to easily keep up with alarming news regarding children and tech
  • Allows parents from their end of the app to PAUSE their child’s phone/specific apps on the phone
  • Location tracking features
  • Includes features of the Net Nanny Smart Filter

Zift’s free app provides parents with the ‘Family Feed’ – a quick and easy way to understand their children’s screen time activity in real-time – by alerting parents to online searches, app installations, and viewing of dangerous content.

Through its Parent Portal, Zift provides parents and others entrusted with the care of children a place to learn about and discuss the latest topics related to screen time use, online safety, and social media. The Parent Portal also offers descriptions and reviews of the most popular and trending apps for kids, complete with parent advisories, as well as resources such as digital parenting guides, how-to videos, and infographics.

Zift Premium, which includes the Net Nanny Smart Filter, offers the best protection, screen time scheduling and device control that parents need to help raise successful kids in a technology-driven world.

Zift was founded by three dads, each of whom have four children who love using their smartphones and tablets.

Zift is available in the app store as of Sept 1, 2018 for download.


For more information contact: Tori Sichta – – 646-632-4571

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