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App Launches to Increase Self-Esteem and Productivity for ADHD Kids

The iGotThis App launches to increase self-esteem and productivity for ADHD kids and we secured an interview with Rich Schramm founder and creator.

Designed for the extraordinary families and people affected by ADHD to assist in staying organized to ensure repeated success to help boost self-esteem.

Two main symptoms of ADHD is not being able to follow through on a task without being distracted. Another is low self-esteem, which often results from the ordinary world’s methods that sets those with ADHD up for failure.

With approximately 12 million parents raising children with ADHD and are looking for ways to solve the issues that come up with such a diagnosis.

This is a great new app that was launched to increase self-esteem and productivity for millions of ADHD kids and families.

Topics on the agenda to be discussed with Mr. Schramm are:

  • Why kids with ADHD are more likely to have low self-esteem
  • 5 things you can start doing today to start communicating better with your children who have ADHD
  • Why positive reinforcement is needed when teaching your kids a new skill
  • How iGotThis improves productivity and self-esteem in kids with ADHD by ensuring repeated successes and positive messaging

This health based app is a task focused life management solution uniquely designed for ADHD families that builds self esteem by ensuring repeated success.

The app’s features are designed to help keep users on track, focused and motivated. This while keeping parents up to date with real time data and visibility.

Some features include:

  • Repeated successes with its unique fail safe reminder system
  • Motivation through a customizable rewards feature
  • Positive reinforcement with game dynamics
  • Inspirational messaging
  • Real time and remote oversight for parents

Our feature including the interview with Rich Schramm founder and creator of iGotThis with be featured soon. Stay updated.


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