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Augmenty Reality Head Up Display HUD for Helmets

HUDWAY launched HUDWAY Sight, an augmented reality (AR) head-up display (HUD) kit that mounts to virtually all helmets to bring vital information into a wearer’s line of sight. The kit is ideal for all helmets including cyclists, motorcyclists, and scooterists.

It is now available for the early bird price of $499 (retail price $849).

HUDWAY Sight was born from the need for enhanced safety and convenience on the road, enhanced road viewing and GPS. Some smart helmets with enhanced road viewing and GPS address this but can be clunky and expensive.

“We designed HUDWAY Sight to enhance safety on the road for cyclists and motorcyclists, who are extra vulnerable,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ivan Klabukov. “With this add-on, literally any helmet becomes a smart AR machine, providing enhanced understand of the road and bringing tools like GPS directly into a riders’ line of view.”

The kit has been designed with tons of features to round out the on-road experience, including voice control, ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment and ambient light display. The lens displays full-color and in-focus images in all conditions, rain or shine. The kit also syncs wirelessly to smartphones via the HUD app, turning it into a control panel for navigation apps, vehicle data, a music library, and calls.

HUDWAY Sight is comprised of three major components: a lens with a universal mount that attaches to virtually any helmet, a “brain” that mounts on the back of the helmet to transmit info to the lens, and a battery that gives the entire kit up to five hours of autonomous operation.

The kit can be expanded to integrate with Bluetooth, or include a distance meter, AR set, a rear-view camera, or a night vision camera.

Check out their Kickstarter page here.

“As someone who has competed in rally racing competitions as an extreme driver, I know that road safety is literally a matter of life or death,” said CTO and Co-founder Alexey Ostanin. “HUDWAY Sight allows users to stay focused, concentrated and connected to the world around them, creating a safer riding experience. Unlike smart helmets that include road viewing and GPS, our kit is ultra thin, light and affordable.”

HUDWAY Sight is brought to you by the team who created HUDWAY Glass, HUDWAY Cast, and the HUDWAY Go app, used by 4M+ users worldwide.

The team consists of 40 members in 4 countries worldwide. HUDWAY Sight is made in collaboration with DigiLens, the Silicon Valley-based company revolutionizing AR displays through innovative waveguide optics, and Young Optics, a leading optics manufacturer.

HUDWAY Sight’s expected delivery date is Q2 2019.


For more information contact: Jackson Wightman – – Jackson Wightman – (514) 605-9255

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