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Best Seat in the House Based on your Preference

HERO Sports is partnering with Epic Seats and IdealSeat to help sports fans pick the best seat in the house based on their preferences.

Whether it is price, matchup, or best place to sit for catching a foul ball, this partnership will help every fan choose the best seat in the house. By leveraging data from IdealSeat, the HERO Sports content automation platform will produce insights and seating recommendations for venues across the country for Epic Seats.

Epic Seats, known for its customer-focused approach and technical innovation, hopes to improve the in-game fan experience by offering more robust data about venues. The data, provided by IdealSeat, includes thousands of attributes unique to every stadium or arena.

James Kimmel, CEO of Epic Seats, said, “We are very excited to launch this marketing initiative with two fantastic, Seattle-based companies: HERO Sports and IdealSeat. Epic Seats currently fulfills thousands of ticketing transactions for all the name brand secondary websites unbeknownst to the customer. Our gratifying mission is helping consumers discover that buying directly from Epic Seats removes a layer of markup.”

HERO Sports’ experience leveraging data to create content for clients like the Associated Press, Minor League Baseball, and college athletic departments provides valuable insights for how best to serve sports fans.

“We’re using data to innovate the way fans buy tickets,” said Brad Weitz, CEO at HERO Sports. “Whether you have kids, are allergic to the sun, or addicted to cotton candy, the perfect seat exists and we’ll help you find it.”

The content HERO Sports will produce is made possible with data from IdealSeat. IdealSeat is the leading experience recommendation engine for teams, leagues, and advanced ticketing platforms. They provide MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, WNBA and NCAA fan experience data to teams, leagues, and leading ticketing companies to increase sales and engagement.

“IdealSeat’s Fan Intelligence™ platform improves the game-day experience for fans, while helping teams and ticketing companies increase conversion and revenue through our data-driven recommendations,” said Joel Carben, CEO at IdealSeat. “To be able to partner with Epic Seats and HERO Sports is very exciting because together we all share a mission to create the most innovative and user-friendly ticketing process. Our goal is to help fans make memories that will last a lifetime.”

HERO Sports is a SaaS technology platform that produces contextually relevant, insightful, ready-to-publish content based on an understanding of the target audience’s intent. Whether audiences wants text, infographics, slide shows, interactive content, predictions, or fantasy advice, the HERO platform can drive engagement.

Founded by two die-hard Seattle sports fans in 2003, Epic Seats enjoys helping clients experience the thrill of live events by providing the tickets fans want without hidden fees, extra shipping charges or bait-and-switch shenanigans. All the while delivering the industry’s lowest fees and backing every purchase up with its 200 percent “Epic Guarantee”.

IdealSeat is an experience recommendation engine that recommends highly targeted fan experiences at over 130 sports and entertainment venues. Powered by IdealSeat’s Fan Intelligence, teams and ticketing companies are identifying better leads and converting them at significantly higher rates. Working with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Storm, Arizona State University, StubHub, and industry leaders, our AI and Machine Learning platform tracks over 500 million data points to increase conversion rates and ticket sales.


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