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#BNAVision the Airport Authority’s Growth and Expansion Plan for Nashville International Airport

On 8/26/2018 Nashville Tech News originally published and removed an article with incorrect facts, statements and figures. This is a correction to that news article.

The Metro Nashville Airport Authority commands and controls six firms all working in conjunction for an overall completion date in 2023.

BNA growth and expansion budget as of today for this project is $1.2 billion. Currently there are no cost overruns or delay and the Airport Authority expects the project to be completed and opened on time.

Metro Nashville Airport Authority currently employs 25 staff directly in their Development and Engineering department and has recently added 25 augmented staff to help specifically with BNA Vision projects and will continue to add staff as needed.

The Metro Nashville Airport Authority is not a department of the city and receives no local tax dollars.

The Airport Authority is responsible for raising their our revenue and BNA Vision will be funded the same way all of their other capital improvement projects are funded, with airport generated revenue.


For more information contact: Shannon Sumrall – – (615) 275-1630

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