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Booted By The City Of Los Angeles

Don’t get booted by the City of Los Angeles for unpaid tickets.

Technology is making it easier for you to quickly pay for tickets and removing the headache of your vehicle getting towed.

The City of Los Angeles has implemented an automated boot release program allowing you to release the boot yourself and quickly be on your way.

Focus on the positive. Take our readers experience, don’t get parking tickets and if you do PAY them immediately to avoid the following.

Our reader wishes to remain anonymous therefor we blurred the boot violation number above. Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your story.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and as I walk out to my car I see this.

Booted By The City Of Los Angeles

Oh no. I’ve been booted by the city of Los Angeles. At least my car didn’t get towed.

Between the bright yellow boot, GIANT sticker on drivers side window with the same copy folded under my windshield I know my wallet is about to get hit.

There is a sense of relief that my car has not been towed and I will get to my appointment in 55 minutes without a delay.

I call the 855 number on the sticker and am put on hold for 12 minutes with an option to be called back before a nice girl picks up.

I give her the boot violation number and within minutes she indicates that I must pay $874 for five unpaid tickets in order to receive the boot release code.

Not happy.

Before I can receive the unlock code I must agree to a disclaimer stating that I can lift 15 pounds without injuring myself. Will not hold the City of Los Angeles liable if I happen to drop the boot on my foot. Lastly I agree to return the boot before a specific time and date or risk additional fines and criminal arrest for property theft.

I pay and receive the code verbally with instructions on how to remove it and where to find return locations.

Booted By The City Of Los Angeles

I spent a total of 22 minutes dealing with the boot, getting it removed and back on the street. I was not late for my appointment.

The next day I drop off the boot and collect my receipt. That’s when I notice a $150 Boot Release Fee. $724 for unpaid tickets and $150 for me to remove the boot and return it myself.

Very bitter sweet.

It was great not being held up and having to deal with a towed vehicle. Irritating paying $150 for a boot release fee.

Lesson learned.

Your reader

Thanks again to our reader for sharing your story.


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