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Brunch Digital Branding Officially Launches Built on the New American Workplace

Brunch Digital, Firm Behind Digital Branding and Design for Top Businesses, Nonprofits and Institutions

As the conventional workplace continues to evolve, Brunch Digital “Brunch” – a design and development studio offering web experiences and digital branding for many of the area and nation’s best-known businesses, nonprofits and institutions – officially launches today boasting a unique approach in the new American workplace and economy. Brunch offers a suite of services ranging from branding identity, graphic design, and website support.

“We launched Brunch as an open invitation for a truly inclusive experience for both our employees and client partners,” said Joshua Levie, Founder and CEO of Brunch Digital. “Brunch is about a team, really a community, coming together to work on projects with people we would want to have over for brunch. I see everything I do as an adventure, and it’s one I want to take with my friends, colleagues, and client partners.”

Formerly JEL Creative, Levie has built the company from the ground up over the last 10 years, growing to 6 full-time employees and 3 interns. A combination of best-in-class technology solutions and creative design has attracted some of the largest clients in the market, including:

  • Accenture
  • National Gallery of Art
  • George Washington University
  • United States Postal Service
  • Department of State
  • Naylor Association Solutions
  • National Osteoporosis Foundation

“The goal is always to do good work and to do it while on a journey to create a community at Brunch that exemplifies the changing nature of America’s new workplace – one that inspires our employees to succeed while producing impactful results for our clients,” continued Levie. “For us it’s about building lasting and reciprocal relationships over the long term, both with clients and employees.”

The inspiration and transition to Brunch is consistent with elements of the new American workplace: one that thrives and is driven on a culture outside the confines of an industrial office park. Brunch is built on bringing together a community of people working on passion projects in an uncommon office setting.

At Brunch client’s, also known as friends, and employees will share creative ideas over a brunch table infused with the latest technologies and embracing the values of friendship and adventure infused in the DNA at Brunch. The Brunch team is proud to work on things they are passionate about where developers are self-taught and designers have a love for all things design.

“We started with a story inspired by the simple idea that the way you move forward in life and business is by building a community and evolving together in the future,” Levie concluded.

Brunch has forged a strategic partnership with RJ WHYTE Event Production, a full-scale event planning and production company offering an event experience for high-profile, high-scale events.

The partnership includes sharing office space, supportive client services, and a shared philosophy towards the working in the new economy.

To celebrate, Brunch and RJ WHYTE will be hosting a launch party at their new offices for the community to celebrate the official opening and new office opening.

Brunch Digital (“Brunch”) is a full-service design and development studio that offers suite of services ranging from branding identity, graphic design, and website support. Brunch is built on elements of the new American workplace and economy, a community of developers who are passionate about their work, are self-taught and designers have a love for all things design. At Brunch, there’s an open invitation to have a seat at our table where they work with people they want to have brunch with.

Brunch, formerly JEL Creative, is headquartered in Washington, DC.


For more information contact: Kristofer Eisenla – – 202.670.5747

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