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Bunker Labs and wework Hosted Learn to Navigate VC’s and Accelerate Your Startup Event

Blake Hogan with Bunker Labs Nashville hosted in conjunction with wework Nashville a great tech event last night Thursday July 26 on the 22 floor of the wework Nashville coworking space. Dan Berry Bunker Labs co-founder and James Suh Bunker Labs City Leader were in attendance showing different start-ups along with a co-working space that spares no detail for today’s busy entrepreneur or start-up looking to expand their business.

Neil Whitney ex-military, ex CIA (DO NOT ASK), serial entrepreneur and founder of MENUD a Celebrity-Curated Meal Planning service with David Vreeland, VC Venture Capitalist focused in health technology discussed how to best navigate VC’s and accelerate your startup.

Dave managing director of Jumpstart Capital a funder and growth investor predominately in healthcare related technologies and start-ups.

Dave and Neil along with guests had great networking opportunities and an in depth discussion and Q&A session focused on Nashville’s venture capital and healthcare industry.

Dave Vreeland’s lucky 13 “Suggestions for Success from One Entrepreneur/Investor to Another”

  1. Honesty. No fudging exhaderating expanding or likewise with numbers, facts, stats and alike with your a advisors and investors.
  2. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Deliver on your words.
  3. Read a book called Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.
  4. Do not burn bridges. Be smart with relationships.
  5. Be organized and deliberate with planning, financials, for-casting, contracts, etc. Game on if you want to succeed then plan for it.
  6. Knowing how to identify and when to change/upgrade your mentor, CFO, Advisor, Council, etc.
  7. Businesses are sold not bought.
  8. Never be to busy for your investor. The guy who cuts your check you need to make time for, period.
  9. Don’t be Rambo. Surround yourself with a good team the VC industry in Nashville is substantial and growing yet small.
  10. Great ideas and great people are required for investment.
  11. Zero nonsense
  12. Business etiquette and common courtesy required. understand your audience and dress and act accordingly.
  13. Always accept a compliment, breath mint and mic. Be professional ad say yes when someone hosts you.

Nashville is the Silicon Valley of healthcare and a four trillion dollar business.

Blake, Dan, James, Neil and Dave are all military veterans and major players in Nashville’s healthcare technology start-up scene.  Groups of Nashville VC’s like mentioned are investing in healthcare technology, their community and other military veterans seeking careers and business goals after service for country.

The Jumpstart Foundy network benefits entrepreneurs and their ventures by increasing opportunities for growth and success with their start-ups. The Jumpstart Foundry searches for and invests in entrepreneurs across the country who seek to build innovative solutions to improve health and healthcare.

On August 29 our military veteran entrepreneurs of Bunker Labs Nashville will host another startup tech event featuring ten of Nashville’s best healthcare technology companies looking for investment dollars to push their business to the next – ten – twenty – fifty – hundred – million dollar business.

Bunker Lab Memphis is hosting a tech networking event August 23, 2018. Click here to register, it’s free. Meet and understand what resources are available to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for assistance with their business and expanding their reach and growth.


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