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ChikPea Gearing Up For Growth – First 100 Days

ChikPea is gearing up for growth and this is an update of their first 100 days from CEO Adam Kleinberg.

Started in 2006 by senior project managers and business analysts in the telecom space. ChikPea was created to provide mid-tier telecom companies a scalable alternative billing and order management solution over homegrown or rigid legacy tools. They are the first subscriber retention specialty firm on the Salesforce platform that builds the flexible software tools to allow telecom companies to use all aspects of Variable-PriceModeling (VPM) and order management to win and gain market share.

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The beginning of 2018 has brought many changes to ChikPea, namely its executive and advisory boards along with its core market audience and value propositions.

LA Tech News recently spoke with one of the co-Founders and CEO, Adam Kleinberg, to see how he feels things have been going so far.

“We released Telecom Order Management (TOM) in 2009 after spending the previous years in incubation and testing,” says Kleinberg. “We had a hope, confidence, and excitement that a small group of 4 people, separated half a world apart, could enter the Telecom vertical space.”

“We are now in 2018 with one of the four top telecom operators in Canada, one of the three top telecom operators in the US, and one of the two top operators in Australia as customers. ChikPea has gained the attention and respect of our competitors, industry analysts, and an advisory board the likes of which we had not anticipated.”

“2018 has kicked off with a new release of our core systems as Lightning-ready, and a fresh updated partnership with Salesforce to help us carry the flag further. Our goals for this year are to focus on and reduce the risks that Stephen Deason, our new CFOO, alluded to in his 100-day update interview, expand our brand name throughout Salesforce, and build the internal disciplines needed to attract and retain the best resources we can find in the US, Canada, and Australia.”

“We have invested in some of the top consultants and have begun to reach back out to our best advisors, our subscriber base, to keep us on track. With numbers looking solid, a management team with clear goals, and a clear path to follow, we will be watching and checking ourselves quarterly to make whatever adjustments are needed to reach an aggressive revenue target for this year.”

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