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Children’s Hospital L.A. Using VR Technology

Children's Hospital LA VR TechnologyChildren’s Hospital L.A. is using VR technology to reduce educational and training costs by replacing plastic training mannequins with a virtual reality training center.

The outdated plastic training mannequins cost up to $430,000 a year to maintain.

A medical trauma VR training center with life challenging scenarios sets up in minutes, is a fraction of the cost and will better prepare the staff of Children’s Hospital L.A. keeping them a leader in their field.

Instantly in real time, no actors or mannequins necessary and the medical students gets a better educational experience and the closest thing to on the job training without actually being on the job.

The VR training is priceless, allowing students to become comfortable and familiar with manipulating a human beating heart for example, something a cardiologist will need experience with to better serve his patients. A platform like this helps build positive reinforcement with the medical student because the VR world will respond to the actions of the student.

The VR trauma center allows students to explore very lifelike environments that otherwise can’t be created in a classroom.

VR has been used in the medical field in a variety of ways from separating conjoined twins to finding weak spots on viruses.

Medical applications are many allowing the medical field to educate and train students quicker, more effectively and more cost effective with virtual reality than other outdated non technological and traditional methods.

Remember when virtual reality technology first launched it was branded as the next greatest thing but instead ended as a consumer flop. The consumer market for VR was originally figured around $5 billion in 2016 but fell very short at $1.8 billion.

Mostly because the technology and programming wasn’t advanced enough to produce high quality environments picky consumers are demanding.

As VR technology and the VR market mature you will see an increase in commercial applications surpassing consumer applications effectively increasing the value of the commercial VR segment.


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