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Cryptocurrencies – Blockchain – Decred

Cryptocurrencies – Blockchain – Decred

Decred was created by some of Bitcoin’s original developers to solve one of blockchain’s biggest issues – governance.

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Unlike other altcoin projects, the focus is around community input and open governance.

Decred ensures that a small number of people cannot dominate the network by using a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake model.In terms of value, Decred rose from a low of $0.42 in January 2017 to a high of $108.32 in December, which equates to just over a 257x increase – or a rise of over 25,700%.

This means Decred outperformed almost all other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (9,162%), Litecoin (5,046%) and Bitcoin (1,318%) in 2017.

Decred recently demonstrated and successfully completed the world’s first direct on-chain user-activated hard fork.

Stakeholders are able to earn a healthy return on investment which amounts to over 20.8% per year at this time, making Decred extremely attractive to long-term investors.

See how Decred compares to other cryptocurrencies here.


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