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Elon Musk Bores 152 Meters Closer To Disruption

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Elon Musk bores 152 meters closer to disruption once again.

This time The Boring Company and Musk completed a stretch of tunnel spanning 152 meters located under Elon’s SpaceX world headquarters in Hawthorne California.

The goal?

Expand the tunnel the length of the 405 freeway from LAX airport to the 101 freeway in one year in order to reduce congestion.

The City of Hawthorne granted The Boring Company rights to construct the test tunnel only to be used for research and development of Hyperloop technology. The municipality can also request The Boring Company to refill its hole at anytime for any reason.

The potential and speculation is for a Hyperloop type of technology to be used in these tunnels to help alleviate Los Angeles congestion.

Hyperloop technology are pods travelling in sealed tubes on a rail system virtually free of friction and resistance with capabilities to safely reach and transport at speeds up to 760 miles per hour. On paper of course, experts say a top speed of around 200 miles per hour is more realistic.

This disruptive concept fits in line with Musk’s other ventures SpaceX and Tesla.

Both on the forefront of disruption in the transportation and transit verticals and ultimately the energy sector.

The Boring Company was formed in December of 2016 after Musk mentioned the idea of making tunnels on his twitter account.

Also pursuing other out of state projects The Boring Company was granted state approval to dig a tunnel beneath the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The first in a series of tunnels that would connect New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore.


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