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Entertainment Studio SingularDTV Rebrands as Breaker Launches Entertainment DApp

Entertainment studio SingularDTV rebrands as Breaker and launches its entertainment DApp, a decentralized application powered by blockchain technology.

Breaker’s beta version goes live today, Jan. 31.

In 2018, blockchain became synonymous with innovation, bringing transparency to a wide range of industries, including entertainment.

This year Breaker leads the way with a consumer-facing ecosystem – offering global audiences a bold slate of films and music.

Founded in 2016 by author/music producer Zach LeBeau, film producer Kim Jackson, and blockchain visionary Joseph Lubin (Ethereum co-founder, Consensys founder & CEO), Breaker was built with the artist in mind as a rights management system and peer-to-peer distribution platform.

As CEO LeBeau explains, “SingularDTV has evolved into Breaker, which is a dynamic concept with many meanings. It evokes change and freedom from past restrictions. It has a rebel rule- breaker spirit. It also signifies the crest of a wave coming to shore with explosive energy. We created Breaker to make a similar impact and help evolve the entertainment industry.”

The Breaker DApp launches with key partnerships including FilmRise, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Dread via Epic Pictures Releasing, Vertical Entertainment, Comedy Dynamics, and Gramatik’s LowTemp Records.

The DApp includes feature films like Cate Blanchett’s MANIFESTO, Kelly Reichardt’s MEEK’S CUT-OFF, Christine Crokos’s PIMP, and hard-hitting documentaries (Russian dashcam madness in THE ROAD MOVIE) and comedy (Henry Rollins’s KEEP TALKING PAL). Other content includes film classics like the original A STAR IS BORN (1937) and cult favorites such as THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE (1976).

Co-founder and President of Entertainment Kim Jackson adds that, “As trailblazers in crypto and blockchain, we realized early on that blockchain technology offers unprecedented transparency. Our Breaker DApp empowers artists and rights holders through a deeper connection with their audiences from all over the world. Breaker offers them an opportunity to own their vision and a platform to bring it to life.”

Breaker’s first exclusive VOD release is PROSPECT from Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label DUST, premiering on February 8, starring Sophie Thatcher, Pedro Pascal, and Jay Duplass.

“Partnering with Breaker for a first-of-its-kind global digital launch – of a film that has a new vision in science fiction – was an obvious choice for us with PROSPECT, the first film release from our DUST label,” said Janet Brown, EVP, Gunpowder & Sky. “This groundbreaking blockchain technology will give creators full transparency, and as a creator-first company, we fully support Breaker’s mission of increased levels of partnership and collaboration with talent.”

Breaker will continuously update titles and partnerships including new work by electronic music artist DJ Spooky and UK singer-songwriter Casey Pearl debuting this spring. Breaker will also premiere original productions such as TRUST MACHINE: THE STORY OF BLOCKCHAIN, by Alex Winter, and THE HAPPY WORKER, by Duwayne Dunham, exec-produced by David Lynch, and acquisition PERFECT, by Eddie Alcazar, exec-produced by Steven Soderbergh.

Steven Soderbergh explains why he and the PERFECT team decided to work with Breaker: “I’m always looking for new ways to increase the transparency of the business while also trying to simplify it. If this is what the future’s going to look like, I want to be in on it early.”

Founded in 2016 as SingularDTV, Breaker launched its artist-driven blockchain-powered entertainment DApp in January 2019. Built with the creator in mind, Breaker empowers artists with a blockchain rights management system and peer-to-peer distribution platform. Audiences from all over the world can find bold independent content on Breaker, including the company’s own original productions.


For more information contact: Thessa Mooij – – 212.289.0772 ext 102‬

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