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Major Eric Garcetti Helps LA Youth Find Tech Jobs

Eric GarcettiThe Tech Talent Pipeline has begun placing LA’s next generation youth in tech jobs throughout the Los Angeles area and into our growing tech community. It is the result of collaboration between Major Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce‘s Bixel Exchange. The program aims to bring public and private sector partners together to enhance training and job opportunities for the nest generation of top talent.

Talent shortage is the largest concern for tech employers in Los Angeles. HR managers, recruiters, talent coordinators all say the pool of applications is growing but finding a qualified individual is difficult.

Tech hubs like Los Angeles actively communicate with their audience through channels to develop and attract top talent. Much emphasis is on recruitment but the golden opportunity is to develop talent from the community. Programs like Tech Ed Partnerships and Start Up Launch from the Bixel Exchange focus on accomplishing this goal.

Through HIRE LA’s Youth Major Garcetti already increased his commitment to hiring 20,000 Los Angeles youth by 2020. Garcetti’s Tech Talent Pipeline aims on placing at least 100 young Angelinos into local tech jobs. LinkedIn provided insights into tech skills employers need most, the skill of the workforce and the gap between the two.

Identifying the hiring trends and needs of tech employers in Los Angeles is critical. Developing strategies for meeting those demands of tech jobs across various sectors is as critical to industry leaders, educators and partners to continue to fuel the growth of the tech community in Los Angeles.

Tech is fueling growth in Los Angeles at a quick pace. Los Angeles is answering with programs that assist our communities with developing individuals with the necessary skills needed to fill the gaps in our growing tech economy.


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