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Ethiq Non-Partisan Transparency Platform Empowering Consumer Purchasing

Ethiq a new and free non-partisan platform designed to help citizens make more informed consumer purchasing decisions, has launched its beta, accessible here.

Ethiq taps into government data, matching consumers with businesses most compatible with their beliefs and values.

“Think of Ethiq like a dating app, but instead of matching you with compatible partners, we find companies most aligned with your beliefs,” said Darren Bates, founder of Ethiq. “The key is presenting information in a non-partisan and actionable way. Americans are showing increasing desires to support businesses that reflect their values, but find the necessary research daunting. By aggregating this information, Ethiq serves as a powerful tool when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money.”

The beta version currently ranks ~60 companies nationwide in four categories: gas stations, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and department stores, with plans to add additional categories including airlines, rental cars, hotels and banks.

Users interact with Ethiq by submitting opinions on issues ranging from the Environment to 2nd Amendment rights. By following the money, Ethiq shows how corporations influence issues through support or opposition of politicians, bills, and ballot measures.

Ethiq is the only platform in this space with explicit permission from the Federal Election Commission to use government data for this purpose, securing two key advisory opinions after Mr. Bates appeared before the FEC in 2015 and 2016.

“Americans may vote once or twice a year, but we spend money every day, and where we spend that money has profound consequences,” added Mr. Bates. “There is tremendous power in aggregate consumer spending, and it’s about time we leverage that power through more informed consumer choice.”

Ethiq is a non-partisan platform, founded in 2014 and based in California, designed to empower Americans to make more informed consumer purchasing decisions. It is a fact-based transparency tool that lets users know which corporations are most aligned with their beliefs and values. Ethiq follows the money and helps illuminate the connections between corporations and politics.

Currently in beta, Ethiq intends to launch a mobile app for iOS and Android in late 2018. The platform is free, and open to beta testers nationwide.


For more information contact: Tucker Slosburg – – (206) 652-3206

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