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FCC Approves Carr’s Proposal to Expand Telehealth

Last Thursday, August 2, the Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved a proposal to establish a new $100 million “Connected Care Pilot Program” to support telehealth for low-income Americans, especially those living in rural areas and veterans.

Commissioner Brendan Carr has been leading the FCC’s efforts in this proceeding and announced the initiative earlier this month in an op-ed with Senator Roger Wicker.

“I am glad my colleagues on the Commission voted to approve my proposal to begin establishing the Connected Care Pilot Program,” said Commissioner Carr. “The FCC has long supported broadband deployments to brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities, but advancements in technology mean we can now bring connected care everywhere. So we should explore how the FCC can support this new trend in telehealth, which can lower costs and improve health outcomes. Low-income Americans, particularly in rural areas, face obstacles to healthcare, and I’m glad the FCC is doing its part to help bridge this doctor divide. I look forward to working with doctors, providers, federal agencies, members of Congress, and all stakeholders as we work to get this program up and running.”


For more information contact: Evan Swarztrauber – – (202) 418-2261

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