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Five High Profile Executives Will Publicly Evaluate 20 Startup Pitches from Anywhere in the World Live

Unique Opportunity for All Entrepreneurs: Five High Profile Executives will publicly evaluate the 20 best new business pitches from anywhere in the world live on The Crowd and everyone watching is invited to join in and also potentially invest.

The Crowd is an app that enables virtually anyone on earth to invest in new business ideas by eliminating the barriers between entrepreneurs and people with the resources to support them.

Regardless of circumstance, entrepreneurs are exclusively judged on the quality of their thinking and their ability to execute.

The Crowd’s platform also allows virtually anyone to invest in entrepreneurs and ideas they believe can make a difference.

To Utilize The Crowd:

  • Simply download “The Crowd App” from the App Store, or from Google Play
  • Set your preferences on the App to See The Kinds of Entrepreneurs and Ideas of Interest
  • Each day based on your preferences, relevant 60-second pitch videos are delivered to The Crowd App
  • Swipe Right on Videos You Like and Directly Engage, Swipe left to Move On

The Crowd is calling all entrepreneurs with any start-up to pitch their business to the following executives:

  • Manny Weiss, Private Investor, London, England
  • Richard Galanti, Chief Financial Officer of Costco
  • Larry Baer, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Giants
  • Bill Johnson, Former Global Deputy and Head of Asset Management of Credit Suisse
  • Tom Onions, Chief Executive Officer of Clearshore Capital

Entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world are invited to upload their 60-second pitch video to The Crowd for free by the submission cut off date of midnight, CST, Thursday, February 28th.

“If you are an entrepreneur its nearly impossible to get in front of high profile investors to make your pitch. The Crowd is your direct way into the offices of people who can immediately muster the resources you need to launch your business. It’s the most efficient way for busy people with very limited schedules to find, filter and fund the best new business ideas. Saving time is saving money for both investors and entrepreneurs.” Bill Johnson, Former Global Deputy and Americas Head of Asset Management at Credit Suisse.

On Sunday, March 3rd at 1 pm CST, The Crowd’s interactive virtual panel will go live and simulcast the top 20 most popular pitches while the whole world watches the pitch evaluation via their phone or computer.

Anyone can engage with the panel by posing questions to the executives or entrepreneurs directly.

These five high profile executives will review and evaluate the top 20 most liked 60-second pitch videos from The Crowd’s App, and decide if the idea is a hit, or needs more polishing.

Specifically, these executives will offer managerial critical thinking, ask pertinent questions relevant to the existing business model, provide growth recommendations, industry experience, and can potentially invest in any company.


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