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Five Points Pizza East Nashville

When the Best of Nashville pizza bar is set with Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut — the only remote winner in Music City’s East side of town is Five Points Pizza, East Nashville

Perfect pizza slices made for folding and eating on the go offering Nashville a true authentic slice.

Locals Paulie and Jimmy said, “the flop at this pizza joint is B-E-A-U-tiful my friend. If you haven’t grabbed a slice at Five Point’s Pizza here in East Nashville, there’s something wrong with you my friend. Nice and crispy. Come on what are we doin’ ova here?”


Test the flop at this pizza joint and you know you’re in good hands. If you don’t know.

How to test flop on pizza? Fold the slice length wise and examine where or when the folded slice of pizza flops over?

Five Points Pizza East Nashville

We like ours extra crispy, welcome to flavor country my little goombah buddy. FUGETABOUTIT!

Sporting two entrances, Five Point’s pizza joint offers a separate dinning room and take-out area complete with window counter tops and stools for a great on the go pizza slice experience.

Very inviting dine-in that gets busy with great service and quick turn around times. Waitstaff and kitchen crew at Five Point Pizza in East Nashville is fantastic and always delivers a great pizza experience.

Five Points Pizza East Nashville

Five Points Pizza in East Nashville is the best pizza in Music City and the best slice of pizza in all of Tennessee. 

Do not shy away from the take out area. Our best times are spent standing eating slices in a relaxed but fast paced kitchen environment. Get your coffee and cannoli, sit back and enjoy.

Slices cooked to pizza folding perfection for the ultimate in authentic pizza consumption.

Five Points Pizza East Nashville

The standard cheese and pepperoni slice are always available as well as different daily options. 

Go for the prosciutto & basil and you will be transported back to the old county or at least back to Mulberry Street in Little Italy, New York.

Five Points Pizza East Nashville

Ovens fired five hundred plus degrees with multiple pizza makers and assistants spinning out thin round saucers of Italian pizza goodness.

Located at 1012 Woodland Street in the Five Points neighborhood of East Nashville, Tennessee.


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