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Five Ways To Reduce Stress and Reboot

  • Start with acknowledging the emotional side of change. “There are unexpected twists and turns to any kind of change. Adjusting to new processes after having done things the same way for years. There will be a learning curve which can cause panic. Don’t be resistant to learning how to make it work to your advantage.
  • Know how to listen. Listening means with your ears, eyes and paying attention to body language, tone of voice, hidden emotions behind what’s being said. You’ll always gain more from listening rather than speaking.
  • Know what empathy is. Empathy is more than listening and nodding your understanding; it’s understanding that others have their own communicating styles. In stressful, uncomfortable times stay connected with others will make you feel more comfortable. them by making them feel more comfortable. Leaders can begin to do that when they put themselves in their employees’ Put yourself in the shoes of others to better understand things from a perspective different from yours.
  • Build psychological safety. Allowing yourself to feel free to air concerns and truths during change and upheaval can do wonders on the mind in the long run. Build trust with yourself and others. Understand the challenges that exist and learn to be more effective in managing change.
  • Change Energy. There is no end to change. Change is for the greater good of continual evolution collectively and individually.

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