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For Creators By Creators National Tour Event

We The People (WTP), the world’s only multi channel crowdfunding retail chain and community, today announced that it is bringing its national tour, For Creators, By Creators (FCBC), to St. Louis.

The FCBC tour is designed to show entrepreneurs how to tap into capital in their communities and provides an opportunity to connect with successful businesses that have leveraged crowdfunding to launch their products.

The FCBC event will be held at the West County Center at WTP’s first U.S. brick-and-mortar store.

Local creators and entrepreneurs are invited to join executives from innovative startups like Standard Cameras, Nanobag, and Generopolis, as well as a representative from the St. Louis Small Business Empowerment Center (SBEC).

A select group of local creators will also have the chance to showcase their brands and products at the event on December 12, 2018. WTP presents this tour as a way to connect the global market with U.S. startups and innovators as the company looks to expand into the United States market.

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“We are thrilled to be able to bring our national tour to St. Louis to connect with the local creator community,” said Jay Kang, CEO of WTP. “Our goal is to help crowdfunded entrepreneurs understand how to be successful, boost sales and build their brand. We’re excited to be expanding our brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., starting in St. Louis. We The People is a hub for innovation and education for creators, and we love helping innovators turn their ideas into realities.”

FCBC will feature speakers including entrepreneurs with successful crowdfunding histories such as:

  • Drew Nikonowicz, co-founder of Standard Cameras, Henrik Hansen
  • , co-creator of Nanobag and Nanopack,
  • and Meghan Winegrad, founder of Generopolis.

These entrepreneurs will discuss topics including:

  • how to get started using crowdfunding
  • , finding the right manufacturer
  • , how to protect a product’s IP when manufacturing in China
  • , factors involved when choosing a fulfillment partner
  • , top 10 reasons why projects fail
  • , best ways to minimize the risk of failure
  • and how to plan for long term sustainability with international retail.

The speakers will share their experiences creating crowdfunding campaigns and the lessons learned building a product from scratch.

“The educational component of We The People was especially exciting for me, and I am looking forward to helping others work to realize their own dreams at the FCBC event,” said Drew Nikonowicz, co-founder of Standard Cameras.

Established in 2016, We The People (WTP) is the world’s only multi channel crowdfunding retail chain and community for creators.

Since its inception, WTP has gone from 14 brands to more than 160 brands with multiple product lines. WTP has five brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore, an online store available worldwide at, and is expanding its reach with new stores in 2018-2019.

Its first U.S.-based store opens in St. Louis, MO in December 2018. With the goal of bringing together the global creator community, WTP continues to expand internationally in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Founded for creators by creators Ryan Sim, Joel Liew, Nison Chan, and CEO Jay Kang, the company provides education, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar retail space for entrepreneurs, WTP is quickly becoming the hub of innovation in Asia and around the world.


For more information contact: Joshua Milne – – 617-501-1620

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