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GIG Economy No More Paychecks

GIG Economy No More Paychecks: Why Equity and Bitcoins are Taking Over Businesses.

A growing trend is taking over business models in the GIG Economy, especially when it comes to startups.

More and more business owners are offering equity to independent workers instead of cash money.

According to GIG Economy expert Marion McGovern these evolving strategies will change the way we all do business in the future.

“Bitcoin is transforming the current payment system, eliminating central authorities and banks,” says McGovern, author of Thriving in the GIG Economy. “100,000 gig workers are already on the platform, which helps companies to offer benefits at a lower cost. Freelancers can own equity in their companies, creating more opportunities than earning cash alone.”

Some points to consider:

  • Understanding the Bitcoin system, and how to make it work for your business
  • Pros and cons of working for equity in this economy
  • Why startups are the best opportunity for freelancers to earn equity
  • Businesses and bitcoin: The highest returns come to brands with the highest level of recognition and brand equity
  • What you need to consider before accepting equity fees: Consult your tax advisor or accountant before making the move
  • Pricing: How to determine your price or equity based on skills, expertise, and the nature of your work


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