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Handbook for Democracies to Meet China Challenge

The 2020 Halifax International Security Forum, taking place November 20-22, will feature a plenary panel also entitled, China vs Democracy: The Greatest Game. It will be streamed live at

Today HFX published a Handbook for Democracies to support a shared understanding of the challenge that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses to freedom around the world.

The handbook, China vs. Democracy: The Greatest Game, is available for download in English, French, and Chinese here.

“The year 2020 witnessed a paradigm shift in the democratic world’s understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” said Peter Van Praagh, HFX President. “Xi Jinping’s China is now the most powerful authoritarian state in history. HFX’s Handbook for Democracies gives policy makers, journalists, businesses, and members of the public a comprehensive guide to what we are up against,” Van Praagh added.

HFX conducted in-depth interviews with more than 250 global experts and leaders between February and October 2020, including former cabinet officials in the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations. These interviews formed the basis of the research for the handbook.

The handbook also features a set of principles that HFX will champion around the world to defend the values that underpin democratic societies.

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