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HARRY SHEARER Releases “STORMY DANIELS” Song in Donald Trump Series

The Simpsons and Spinal Tap Harry Shearer releases the fourth track in his Donald Trump song series, which runs with a song a week throughout this summer and fall.

“STORMY DANIELS” follows the old school R&B anthem to Jared Kushner, “SON IN LAW; the disco/plaintive folk number celebrating Trump’s consistent inconsistency in his approach to the pandemic, “COVID-180”; and “VERY STABLE GENIUS,” a low-power power ballad, in which the Leader of the Free World vaunts his self-proclaimed intellectual prowess combined with his calm and balanced disposition.

Written and performed by SHEARER in the style of a mid-sixties romantic ballad, “STORMY DANIELS” is a lush string-filled ode to passion, power and pay-off. Singing himself a soothing song of love and self-pity, the current occupant of The White House praises his former amour’s ample assets while bemoaning how his own assets were wasted in buying her silence.

“STORMY DANIELS” features Shearer on vocals as Donald Trump. He is joined by CJ Vanston onpiano, strings and bass and Greg Bisonette on drums. The trumpet and string arrangement is by CJ Vanston.

Music and lyrics are by Harry Shearer. Released by Twanky Records.

The first song in the Donald Trump series, “SON IN LAW,” was released on July 31.

An old-style New Orleans R&B number depicting Donald Trump in praise of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The video of the track uses ground-breaking motion-capture animation to portray the U.S. President lionizing his senior advisor and husband of his daughter Ivanka. At one point it shows the spookily real Trump with his hand casually hovering over the nuclear button on his desk in The Oval Office, while extolling the virtues of his daughter’s curves.

“SON IN LAW” features:

  • New Orleans musicians David Torkanowsky of The Astral Project and Stanton Moore Trio on piano and organ
  • The Meters star George Porter, Jr. on bass
  • Raymond Weber of Dumpstaphunk on drums
  • Leading saxophonist Brad Walker
  • Scott Frock of Delfeayo Marsalis’ Uptown Jazz Orchestra, on trumpet,
  • New Orleans’ top trombonists, Jon Ramm
  • Mixed by long-time HARRY SHEARER musical collaborator C J Vanston at The Treehouse North Hollywood
  • Produces by David Torkanowsky
  • Video conceived and produced by HARRY SHEARER with Matt Hermans of The Electric Lens Company in Sydney, Australia
  • On-set producer was Harry’s long-time collaborator, cinematographer Matthew Mindlin

“COVID-180” the second song, which was released on August 7, hasThe Simpsons” and “Spinal Tap” star as Trump, alternating stanzas of pumped-up disco and plaintive folk rock to represent the alternating “up” and “down” approaches taken to the pandemic by the President.

  • Features “The Simpsons” star on vocals in an eerily accurate impersonation of the President of The United States
  • Joined by Sharlotte Gibson and CJ Vanston on back up vocals
  • Marc Bonilla on guitar
  • Toss Panos on drums
  • CJ Vanston on piano, synths and all other instruments
  • Mixed by CJ Vanstonat The Treehouse, North Hollywood CA
  • Mastered by Peter Doell at Aftermaster

“VERY STABLE GENIUS” the third song which was released on August 14, is a low-power power ballad, in which the Leader of the Free World vaunts his self-proclaimed intellectual prowess combined with his calm and balanced disposition.

  • Vocals by SHEARER as Trump
  • CJ Vanston on back up vocals
  • Marc Bonilla on guitar
  • Toss Panos on drums
  • CJ Vanston on piano, synths and all other instruments

Harry said, “My Donald Trump is almost as eager for continued public attention as the ‘real’ Trump.”

HARRY SHEARER says the series of Trump-themed songs will be released on a weekly basis over the next seven weeks.

For the past three decades SHEARER has enjoyed enormous success and planted the fruits of his talents in the heads of millions worldwide thanks to his voice work for “THE SIMPSONS,” where he plays a stable of characters: most notably Mr. Burns, Smithers, and insufferable neighbour Ned Flanders.

SHEARER is a multi-talented entertainer, artist and communicator.

Movie audiences will know SHEARER best for his collaborations with Christopher Guest and friends. The most famous of these is the granddaddy of all mock-umentaries, “THIS IS SPINAL TAP” (with Rob Reiner and Michael McKean).

The film revealed the concepts of spontaneously combusting drummers and amps that go up to eleven. Spinal Tap–the band have enjoyed worldwide success performing live and in 2007 stole the show at the LIVE EARTH concert at Wembley, London.

In 2009 Harry, Christopher and Michael reunited to tour an acoustic version of Spinal Tap songs as themselves in the UNWIGGED AND UNPLUGGED tour and returned as Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins to play Glastonbury and Wembley Arena with the volume turned up to eleven.

In 2013 SHEARER created a ground-breaking TV comedy drama series based on real-life recordings from President Nixon’s Oval Office. Written by and starring SHEARER as Richard Nixon, “NIXON’S THE ONE” is made by one of the most respected and prolific UK TV production companies, Hat Trick and was broadcast to great acclaim on Sky Arts.

Also known for his bitingly satirical songs and impersonations. He was nominated for a Grammy for his CD SONGS POINTED AND POINTLESS. His album SONGS OF THE BUSHMEN (also Grammy nominated) was an incisive musical impeachment of the Bush administration with impersonations in song of the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell.

In 2009 he released GREED & FEAR–a searing satirical attack on Wall Street in the wake of the world economic meltdown. In the autumn of 2012 he released CAN’T TAKE A HINT, an album of duets featuring the like of Jamie Cullum, Jane Lynch, Fountains of Wayne, Dr John, Rob Brydon and others.

SHEARER’s musical collaborations with his wife singer/songwriter Judith Owen led to the launch of Courgette Records (a nod to the infamous airport scene from THIS IS SPINAL TAP). SHEARER and Owen have recently returned from a critically acclaimed tour of Australia to debut THIS INFERNAL RACKET, a collaborative comedy and music exploration of fame, celebrity, politics, religion and relationships.

In July 2017, at a ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee, SHEARER was honored by National Music Council with American Eagle Award in recognition of his contributions to American and Global Musical Culture as a Writer, Humorist, Musician, Composer, Social Commentator and tireless advocate for the rights and fair treatment of Music Creators in the United States and throughout the World.

  • A published novelist (NOT ENOUGH INDIANS)
  • Exhibited artist (TELETHESIA at the Fullerton Museum Center and WALL OF SILENCE at MOCA)
  • Celebrated broadcaster (his satirical sandbox LE SHOW, which celebrated its 35th anniversary, heard weekly on stations around the world), SHEARER is a multi-talented entertainer, artist and communicator. His writing has been published in, among other periodicals, the New York Times, Film Comment, and the New York Review of Books.

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