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Health Information Exchange on the Blockchain

Timicoin announced Teri Thomas, former Epic VP and expert in healthcare IT, has joined its expanding advisory board.

Timicoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency mobile platform using blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records with both patient and medical professionals in mind simultaneously.

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“Teri Thomas has decades of deep healthcare IT experience, from her first IT project in 1989 to her recent role as EVP for Orion Health.  Along with her impressive record in healthcare technology, she is a passionate visionary about healthcare connectivity, empowering patients, and leveraging technology for improved health outcomes,” said TimiCoin/TimiHealth Advisory Board Chairperson Joyce Lignell.

“We’re fortunate to have such an expert strategist in healthcare on our advisory board who brings an amazing history and breadth of knowledge about health information, EHR’s and HIE’s.”

“During her 20 years with Epic, she built a stellar reputation among healthcare provider and vendor leaders for her integrity, energy, and creativity. A consummate collaborator, she brings an intuitive ability to initiate and develop working relationships within teams, between organizations and alongside healthcare professionals.”

Thomas’s experience in the global EHR industry, her knowledge of population health, HIEs and data exchange, plus her successful track record for developing solid commercial alignment inside and outside of US, will be a great asset. Her passion for data exchange and personal interest in using blockchain technology to facilitate more secure exchanges of critical information is a natural fit for TimiCoin/TimiHealth.

“As we push toward pilot programs in the United States, Mexico and globally, we continue to add leaders in the technology revolution in healthcare,” said Will Lowe, Timicoin co-founder, CEO & Managing Director.

Besides Lowe, TimiCoin/TimiHealth’s top professional team includes co-founder Ramiro Pequeno, Lignell, Miguel Esparza, Dick Escue, Kai Tsai, Robert Martin and now Thomas, whose expertise is exactly what our blockchain strategy for healthcare needs, said Lignell.

TimiCoin/TimiHealth recently attended the Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas and the HiMSS18 in Las Vegas and will be attending the Global Blockchain Conference in Santa Clara.

About TimiCoin/TimiHealth:
The Mobile Health Record Platform allows for complete security of medical records accessible from anywhere in the world. TimiCoin/TimiHealth is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in the US, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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