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Hi-Res streaming service Qobuz

Qobuz, the Hi-Res streaming service from Paris, will be celebrating its one year anniversary in the US on 2/14. In one year, it’s truly become the audiophile’s listening service – named the “king” of streamers in terms of sound-quality by The LA Times, praised by Neil Young, and Talk Android just said this:

Qobuz is the little dive bar on the corner that no one knows about, except they’ve actually got the best calzones in town. It’s all about high-resolution music, and it manages to deliver that at a slightly cheaper price.”

With all of the advances in the Hi-Res streaming and audio world over the past year, here’s what could be on tap next.

** Advances in technology and the implications of 5G
** Smart speakers and deep thoughts on voice — metadata and voice interface for serious music fanatics
** Running a small company with a unique offering that is partnered with large multinationals on co-marketing
** Growing a luxury brand in a digital economy
** The adult music market segment
** Building a great high end audio set up without going broke
** Maintaining a music collection that includes vinyl as well as digital files and streaming
** Operating a satellite office of a European tech business
** Streaming music, Hi-Res, and what’s next

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