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Holiday Scams Detected by AARP Fraud Watch Network

Across this country scams steal the identity of someone every two seconds.

Check out Fraud Watch Network Scam- Tracking Map by AARP and get a very clear idea that no matter where you live, fraud is never far away.

As you near the holiday season online shopping increases and so do online scams.

Use only trusted sites to make online transactions and be wary of steeply discounted items.

Scams will attempt to lure you into making a purchase with phony online sales. If you plan to buy or sell your own goods online use a branded website or app that uses proper safety measures to ensure that you don’t lose your money in the process.

For help from AARP, call 1-877-908-3360 or visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network here.

Report scams to local law enforcement.

Traveling during the holidays to visit with family and friends?

  • Be cautious of false rental advertisements online.
  • Do not use third party websites to book hotels and be particularly wary of home rentals.
  • Verify listings through online consumer feedback before you close the deal.

Scams will copy photos and details from real rental listings. They then accept pre-payment for booking the house or apartment.

You may only discover that you have nowhere to stay on the day you’re supposed to check in.

Never submit payment before you see the place you are supposed to stay and always verify the listing with hotels directly before booking any rooms.

During the winter season you see an increase in scams calling consumers and businesses pretending to be a representative of their local utility provider or computer technical support.

The fraud will claim that previous payments have not cleared and money is owed.

  • They will tell you that you need to pay the outstanding balance over the phone, or else your utility / internet will be turned off.
  • Scams are banking on your fear in order to collect your personal information.
  • Hang up and call your provider directly to confirm your billing status.


For more information contact: Ibarra, Anai – – 626.585.2629

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