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How Crowdsourcing Education Will Improve Our Access to Quality Education Amid a Pandemic

Neil Heffernan is at the forefront of educational crowdsourcing. He operates an educational technology program called ASSISTments, where teachers and students can design their own lesson plans through crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing has a storied history of making complicated things easier. Companies like Yelp, Uber and Wikipedia have implemented crowdsourcing to dramatically change the way we review restaurants, travel within cities and learn more about the world.

Now crowdsourcing is coming for education, and the initial results are impressive.

A study released last year by computer science professor Jake Whitehill found that crowdsourced lessons taught mathematical concepts just as well as those produced by Khan Academy.

Additionally, Neil Heffernen and a colleague have released a paper that shows that crowdsourcing has a positive impact on achievement.

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