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How Healthcare May Be Impacted By 2020 Election

Fall is the season of change, and this year more than ever consumers should be prepared for changes to their insurance.

“Whether it is juggling back-to-school obligations, navigating the upcoming election, dodging potentially immanent flu outbreaks, or crossing fingers for a tame hurricane season, insurance questions abound,” said Michael Giusti, analyst. “This report aims to frame out some of those issues and attempt to find clarity in this pandemic-tinted season of change.”’s newly released report, “Fall 2020 Insurance Preview: Back to School, Election, Flu Season, and Hurricane Season”

The report is divided into five sections:

  1. Back to School: Implications for teachers’ health coverage in the event of a COVID outbreak and how schools are trying to mitigate liability.
  2. Insurance and the Election: A look at the presidential candidates’ respective stances on the Affordable Care Act and CARES Act, among other health and unemployment insurance issues.
  3. Flu Worries: Predictions for the severity of this year’s flu season and if Americans’ medical expenses will be covered.
  4. Rate Increases: Why premiums may be on the rise.
  5. Hurricane Season: Best practices for homeowners to be protected, and how COVID has affected filing claims.

“Fall brings many pleasant traditions, but it also brings insurance concerns,” Giusti added. “From pandemics new and old, to politics and hurricanes, savvy consumers need to keep their eyes on the insurance industry in the fall. But with luck, as the calendar begins to wind down, some certainty can return to the insurance world, and to our lives.”

This is the latest in a series of reports published by on how COVID-19 is shaping the insurance landscape. Previous reports include:

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