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Hyperloop One Reaches 192 MPH Hitting 2nd Milestone

Hyperloop One reaches 192 mph accomplishing their second milestone for the project this year.

We reported in mid July that Hyperloop One released results from their first speed test conducted that previous May 12th when their pod hit a speed of 70 mph.

Less than 90 days later the Hyperloop pod hits 192 mph. Although short of their desired speed goal of 250 mph.

This test sent the pod travelling father than ever before reaching a distance of a quarter mile. The pod, designed to carry payloads of cargo and passengers traveled the sealed tube reaching 192 mph by electrical acceleration equivalent to 3,151 horsepower.

In 2013 when Elon Musk first introduced the concept of a Hyperloop transportation system he spoke of speeds reaching 760 mph.

This type of speed can be achieved with a system that uses magnetic levitation because it all but eliminates friction enabling a pod like this to hit this type of speed.

Engineers working on technology integrated with Hyperloop are now lowering their speed expectations to 700 mph.

Still very fast don’t you think?

Check out the video below recapping the second test.

We follow Hyperloop One and will cover and report more as the project develops.


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