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Jeff Coffey New Single “Someday” Video Premiers January 8

The new impassioned and poignant single “Someday” written and composed by former lead vocalist of Chicago, Jeff Coffey, touches on the stirring and dramatic events over the past year. Lyrics began to flow out fairly quickly for Jeff as he began to ponder the heartbreaking, powerful and harrowing moments of this past year.

“Someday” is available for streaming and download here with a moving and heart-rending video to be released on January 8.

“We seem to have hit a pretty big turning point in our society, and we have a lot of problems to work out with one another,” he shares. This song reflects that in the end, all is hopeful that maybe ‘Someday’ we might figure it all out.”

“Someday” came to life at Coffey’s studio in Orlando, Florida and co-producer, Rex Schnelle, completed tracking and instrumentation in Nashville, Tennessee. Coffey sang all the lead vocals and background vocals at his Orlando studio sending digital files to Schnelle, who mixed the project in Nashville.

“I chose to release this song and accompanying video now because it is timely, and I want people to hear it while all the chaos is still fresh in their minds,” stated Coffey. “For all we know, the chaos may not be quite over yet. Things are a mess here in this country. This song shines light on that, yet remains hopeful for us all.”

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