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Los Angeles GIG Economy Prospering

Silicon Beach is helping fuel the growing Los Angeles GIG economy and many are prospering.

A GIG equals a freelancing job and thanks to technology you have ways to easily convert your skill set into a highly profitable revenue generating stream of income.

There is a lot of cash being pumped into the GIG economy and GIG model, not just the Los Angeles GIG economy.

New platforms appear often helping to bridge the gap between the GIG seeking and the employer.

Putting your valuable skills to work under your control, direction and management has the potential to drastically increase your earnings. This is compared to doing the same work for an employer.

All types of workers are opting for the GIG work life balance that it can offer if managed properly. Properly meaning disciplined and structured working habits enabling the production of good work and delivering on deadline.

The GIG economy is supporting and helping grow technology platforms like Fiverr which in turn supports the GIG economy. Fiverr one of many GIG platforms, however their dedication to their community and support of the GIG economy is superior.

Fiverr is actively building a community in the Los Angeles area.

Technology evened the playing field for individuals and organizations to market and acquire the same customers for their products or services.

Leading thousands to start implementing their own GIG working model that suits their particular work life balance.

Ridding the dreaded Monday thru Friday nine to five routine of avoiding your local Bill Lumbergh.

Educational and learning resources for the GIG economy is also booming and a growing segment to watch.

LinkedIn under their Lynda brand offers a fantastic platform that gives it’s members access to over 6,046 on-line courses and tutorials. Enhance or acquire new skills for your next GIG opportunity with 30 days free of Lynda educational and learning platform.

Technology is helping to stabilize a segment of work that was once considered unstable.

This is leading to thousands more leaving their traditional jobs and careers, turning their skill set into a side hustle and eventually a full fledged business.


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