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Lumisque CO2Lift Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy

Lumisque CO2Lift Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy is a multi generational and next generation.

So what is Carboxytherapy and what is it good for?

LA Tech News had an opportunity to sit with Lana Kerr, CEO and Julie Atherton, CMO of Lumisque to discuss their organization and flagship product along with renowned Dermatologist Wendy Roberts.

Carboxytherapy is using carbon dioxide to promote the transfer of oxygen within the human body to treat an area where carbon dioxide is present, made famous by Danish physiologist Christian Bohr in 1904.

This physiological phenomenon known today as the “Bohr Effect.”

With the Bohr effect, it is understood that carbon dioxide is the key factor which triggers our own body for the transport and release of oxygen through our red blood cells. As a result, when carbon dioxide is present at the location being treated, our own body will send oxygen through the process of vasodilation to that location of treatment.

This revolutionary new skin product is unparalleled because it is non invasive. No needles neccessary.

In treatment, the mask application captures the CO2 that is created and produced which is then absorbed into the skin’s lipid layer and quickly delivered deep into the epidermal skin cell, increasing blood flow. This triggers red blood cells to release large amount of oxygen into the skin cells and also dilates nearby capillaries.

What does all this mean to you?

It means the Lumisque CO2Lift Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy treatment repairs your skin leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here is our interview.

LA Tech News: Tell us why this product is ground breaking?

Lana: Lumisque CO2Lift non-invasive Carboxytherapy is a super hydrating skin care treatment that is designed for the face, eyes, neck and hands. The technology behind it is called Carboxytherapy which is generally applied with needles. What is ground breaking about the mask is that there are no needles involved.The benefits of the mask is that there is no pain, no down time, no redness. Just positive results.

LA Tech News: The old process is invasive and involves needles. If it is not injected how is it applied?

Lana: The mask is made of two gels which when combined produces carbon dioxide which is then delivered into the skin. Oxygen rushes to the skin because there is an imbalance which is when the magic happens. Oxygen is responsible for healing and skin turn over. The mask works with the oxygen from your body to create amazing results.

LA Tech News: When did your organization launch?

Lana: The product was launched at a dermatology conference in Palm Springs in 2016 with a group of doctors and dermatologists. The doctors gave us product validation because their patients loved the results produced from this treatment and started inquiry about home treatments. This is how and why we decided to take our product to retail.

LA Tech News: How did you learn about this product?

Lana: I love to travel and learned about CO2Lift from a friend while traveling. I was in Asia and had applied a very early version of what would become Lumisque CO2Lift mask on my flight home. When my husband picked me up at the airport he immediately said “what did I do different” because he noticed. That’s when I knew I had something unique.

After negotiations Lumisque became the sole distributor of the CO2Lift product we have today.

LA Tech News: How does this mask compare to other masks on the market?

Julia: Every mask is different. We are in the middle of two clinical studies. One with Biometrix will be completed in December and is already showing our product provides up to 117% more hydration to your epidermis. After 3 weeks of non use your skin will return to about 50% of its hydration baseline.

LA Tech News: Why is that important?

Lana: We don’t get younger and we only get dryer. These masks allow you to bring moisture to the skin which helps you stay looking younger and fresher.

Dr. Wendy Roberts: I was really excited about the product because there is nothing to compare to it. This mask has attributes for every generation. Meaning the mask is cross generational as it is good for kids, teens and adults wanting healthy skin. Most masks can not be used on children’s skin because of the chemicals whereas Lumisque CO2Lift non-invasive Carboxytherapy is safe for all ages. Something for anyone.

LA Tech News: What motivated you to build your organization?

Lana: People are living longer then ever before and I like to help people look and feel good about themselves. This product is organic, natural and allows you to feel your best. That’s why I do it.

Visit Lumisque and try for yourself.


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