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Today, Houston, Texas-based Market Junction released their new album Burning Bridges. Produced by co-produced by band founders Matt Parrish and Justin Lofton with Richard Barrow and Ty Robins, its 10 carefully-crafted tracks tell the story of a young man learning about love.

The Houston band has been a fairly successful country dancehall act for years, but the members recently found themselves wanting to get away from that designation in favor of a more Americana approach. That’s wonderfully apparent on Burning Bridges…which comes across much more like a lost classic album from the late ‘60s than the electric honky-tonk sound that’s so prevalent these days The Houston Chronicle


Album opener “When Your Heart Begins To Ache” begins with a young man about to marry his high school sweetheart – unsure about love’s depth and its consequences. “Out of Love” finds the young man a bit older and having been married for a while. The spark is gone and the love has soured, which causes him to make the difficult decision to leave in “I Hope It Breaks Your Heart.” He hits the road searching for his “new normal” while dealing with a simmering sense of regret in “Nebraska” and “Western Coast.”

Burning Bridges begins its second act with the reflective “A Stone Will Sink” and “Hello My Dear” as the man comes to grips with the casualties of love and dealing with his damaged relationships. Now much older, the man reflects on life and begins to accept its broken nature, owning his shortcomings in “Bird In A Cage” and “Livin’ A Lie,” as the heartbreaking story comes to an end with the album finale and title track.

The 10-track album was born out of trials and triumphs, stops and starts and major life changes. The result is a sweeping soundtrack to heartaches and starting over – Wide Open Country

The electrifying combination of golden-voiced frontman Parrish and fretboard wizard Justin Lofton are a rock-solid foundation for the band, their folk-infused alt-country style has resulted in some of the most beautiful music in the current landscape. Burning Bridges was forged in the midst of the members’ personal tribulations – changing direction in the middle of recording, a trip to the emergency room, a divorce, the births of children, a hard drive crash costing weeks worth of work, and releasing a record in the middle of a global pandemic. The band was still able to create magic in the midst of the struggle.





Parrish and Lofton, both award-winning songwriters, set out on a journey to create the kind of music they not only loved to listen to but music that they loved to play. Since those early days, the band expanded its lineup to include Taylor Hilyard on bass guitar and Michael Blattel on drums, sharing stages with Cory Morrow, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jack Ingram, Radney Foster and more. Their sound is rooted in place and time, but transcends both.

Reminiscent of the Lumineers…Prolonged sadness and heartache are palpable in Market Junction frontman Matt Parrish’s voice – The Boot

Burning Bridges is available on CD and vinyl at their website, and for download at iTunes and Amazon Music. On Saturday, August 8th, Market Junction will celebrate the release of Burning Bridges with a full-band show streamed live from their studio at 10pm EDT/9pm CDT. Click HERE for more details.


  • When Your Heart Begins To Ache
  • Out Of Love
  • I Hope It Breaks Your Heart
  • Nebraska
  • Western Coast
  • A Stone Will Sink
  • Hello My Dear
  • Bird In A Cage
  • Livin’ A Lie
  • Burning Bridges


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