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Meat The Butchers Delivers Nationwide

Meat The Butchers is L.A.’s premier proteins supplier now delivering nationwide. 100% transparent and traceable farm to fork for consumers looking for the best.

Priding itself on providing 100% transparent and traceable proteins all sourced from sustainable free range family owned farms.

Meat The Butchers now offers doorstep delivery.

Every piece of protein is traceable back to the farm it came from and the care it received.

Delivered to your doorstep below 40 degrees having never been frozen or exposed to ice. No dry ice here but proprietary and patented gel pack technology specifically designed for this application.

The company does not employ butchers as much as they do craftsmen who hand cut individual orders to customer specification. No cut is to custom as Meat The Butchers and Premier Meat Company has seen it all.

Premier Meat Company serves L.A.’s top shelf restaurants and celebrity chefs and Meat The Butchers is their consumer branch of that fifty year tradition.

Hadar Almog, Head of Marketing at Premier Meat Company said “Meat The Butchers is an extension of a successful 50 year old wholesale meat business.”
Premier Meat Company only partners with protein providers who humanely raise their stock on natural, sustainable farms supporting the California grass-fed program.

Grass-fed beef comes from free-range cattle that gather natural flavors and a wealth of nutrients from consuming rich natural California grass.

The “Smart Farm” way of doing business is a critical component that enables Premier Meat Company and Meat The Butchers the ability to deliver the highest quality proteins available to your doorstep.

Quality control is second to none at Premier Meat Company exceeding standards for all natural, no anti-biotics or hormones while utilizing Smart Farming and sustainability practices.

“Technology advances in farming, packaging, resource management and a variety of others has greatly impacted our business and technology is helping our business grow today,” says Hadar.

Try Meat The Butchers today and see what you have been missing.


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