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Mixed Reality HoloLens Experience Ford GT

Mixed Reality HoloLens Experience is here with “An American Supercar” and it will be at the Petersen Automotive Museum through autumn of 2018.

First debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford Performance and Microsoft created a new and interactive mixed reality HoloLens experince giving visitors a very unique look at the Ford GT.

Using VR headsets, Hololens overlays holographic images over all three generations of the GT allowing you to see every component of the car and pull it apart.

With the HoloLens, the Ford GT comes to life and you’re able to see the engineering that goes into such a world class piece of machinery. Pull components out, spin them around, see them from every angle and otherwise have an experience you can’t get unless you own your very own Ford GT.

You will also get schooled in the racing history of the GT, why it’s so important to Ford and a mixed reality experience that blends the real and VR together like no other.

The Petersen Automotive Museum creates stories to connect visitors and the mixed reality HoloLens experience is helping Petersen connect with the next generation of automobile enthusiasts. Mixed reality technology allows Petersen to tell better stories to their guests.

Dana Williamson, Chief Curator at The Petersen Automotive Museum was overjoyed and blown away by the technology and experience created by Microsoft and Ford.


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