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Music Plus Exercise Equals Better Workouts

Music Plus Exercise Equals Better WorkoutsMusic plus exercise equals better workouts. It’s science, not me.

Science shows that listening to music while exercising is beneficial in more ways than one.

Music releases the feel good chemicals in our brain like dopamine.

Increases physical capacity, improves energy efficiency and assists in balancing moods and perceptions.

The brain will sync with music like a motor spinning helping keep a rhythm and a pace.

Listening to music during exercising has psychological effects on the brain delaying fatigue and minimizing the perception of fatigue.

Four points that are critical to maintaining a good and consistent exercise regiment.

I never forget my favorite tracks for a workout. I am the person singing at the top of my lungs while pumping iron or getting my cardio in.

Music will transform an entire fitness routine in a positive way.

Yesterday I worked out while testing the Acer Liquid Leap+ for it’s music capabilities and it passed with flying colors.

Liquid Leap+ Fitness WatchRemember science shows that listening to fast paced music ranging from 120 – 140 beats per minute provides better work out results compared to slower paced music.

Many clinical trials have taken place studying the effects of music while working out. The over whelming majority have shown better results while exercising with your favorite tunes.

Next time cardio is on the schedule try Chemical Brothers if help is needed picking up the pace.

Remember it doesn’t require the music be a certain beats per minute in order to have the desired affect.

Use music to keep you motivated, on track and in the zone when working out. My favorites are Beyonce Girls and Busta Rhymes Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.

As long as it’s not a slow and sad love ballad simply listening to a favorite tune will improve the workout, results and state of mind.

Don’t forget, music plus exercise equals better workouts.


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