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Nashville May 1 Transit Vote

The May 1 Nashville transit vote will come down to the wire.

The booming Nashville tech and healthcare industries and business community as a whole will wait with mixed feelings.

Balancing the benefits versus the negative impact is surely a debate that will continue long after the vote has concluded.

Larger organizations appear to favor the measure while smaller business owners, 1-5 employees do not with varied concerns ranging from loss of business to increase taxes for no gains until years to come.

At $5.6 billion at stake the plan calls for increased bus services to congested areas. Four light rail lines which can take years to repay the costs necessary to implement such an ambitious plan. In downtown Nashville a rapid bus transit system is planned to deal with the increased volume of foot traffic in that area of downtown Nashville.

With the expected growth in Nashville between tech, healthcare and education there is no reason to believe the population of Nashville and Tennessee at large will continue to grow at an increased rate.

Tennessee has long been considered a great state to do business in due to the lower state tax structure. State coffers at this point in recent history has showed state pundits are skeptical and very cautious to spend state funds with no gains to be seen.

Nashville May 1 Transit Vote

Many citizens are asking if the vote is an all or nothing. What happens if the measure fails to be voted in? Is traffic really that bad? What have other growing cities implemented that worked well?

Is a light rail systems the best solution for Nashville? Other cities have shown that light rail systems properly designed and implemented can be a benefit if marketed and cost affordable to the commuters it will service.

Ride share is adding to the congestion at this point and autonomous autos on the Nashville streets doesn’t look like a proper solution, althoug being pushed. Vanpool is another avenue being studied for feasibility in Nashville’s growing metropolis.

For now the Nashville tech industry and business community will wait for the May 1st outcome.


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