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Imua Services Celebrates National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Imua Services Celebrates National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by hosting the We Can As Women contest.

National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is November 19th, in partnership with the United Nations, 144 countries, and 22 universities.


In celebration of National Women’s Entrepreneurship day, Imua Services is hosting a contest and giving away over $20,000 worth of training for women wanting to start medtech, biotech, and medical device companies.

The We Can as Women contest is open for entry November 1 – 30.

Calls for women to share their ideas on how they can make the world a better place through medtech, biotech, and medical device innovation.

Entries Requires:

  • Name
  • Valid email address
  • Completed the following statement, We can as women_____ .
    • Example; We can as women stop the spread of malaria in third world countries.
  • Click here to enter contest

Statements with names and emails will be redacted and published on Imua Services showing the world what women want to do to is change the world.

Selected winners will be announced on Monday, December 4th and will receive training on how to go from idea to reality starting in December.

Imua Services is requesting for people to spread the word about this contest to encourage women’s entrepreneurship, and is calling women all over the world to enter.

Imua Services Celebrates National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by encouraging and supporting women in tech and innovation through medicine throughout the month of November.

Helping women find creative ways to stand out in the innovative and male dominated fields of venture capital and technology is what Meghan Alonso and Imua Services is all about.

Meghan Alonso the CEO of Imua Services is hosting the We Can As Women contest to show support for Women Entrepreneurship. Meghan has been assisting other women entrepreneurs better prepare to navigate the road of startups, venture capital and onto funding. An active investor and mentor for other women entrepreneurs, Meghan stays focused on being of service to others.

Imua ServicesMeghan Alonso, CEO  Imua Services

“I’m inspired to do what I do with Imua Services by the brave people that lead the charge on medical innovation.  In my personal experiences with medical challenges.  I, along with my family, have undergone 7 low dose chemo treatments for hepatitis C.  Vertex Pharmaceuticals was responsible for the creation of the drug that cleared the virus for me and I’ll forever be thankful.  I want to give back to this innovation community and do that through the programs at Imua Services”.

Meghan is an advocate for early stage medtech startups and has a goal of leading and equipping and leading 1 million startups to solve medical problems with innovative solutions by the year 2020.

She has been featured in a book with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and has been featured on The Huffington Post, LifeZette, Thrive Global and The Huffington Post.

LA Tech News supports National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day all throughout the month of November.


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