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Nationwide Minority Targeted Voter Suppression

Four-time ​New York Times ​bestselling author and investigative journalist Greg Palast is back with How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America’s Vanished Voters, a cautionary exposé that details the existential threat to our electoral system. The book takes an in-depth look at voter suppression and how minority votes across the country are silenced through voter purging, discarded votes and mail-in ballot impropriety. These unscrupulous practices threaten the rights that all Americans have to free and fair elections, a core value upon which our Democracy is built.

Palast explains: “I want anyone who reads this book to react with despair and inspiration—in that order. I’m giving clear indications of the problem, but also how we can fix this and return to what lies at the heart of democracy. Not only should we all want everyone to have the right to their vote, we should make certain that they do.”

In How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America’s Vanished Voters, Palast’s investigation exposes numerous cases of voter suppression and manipulation. In the 2016 election, over 5.8 million ballots nationwide were cast but never counted for their intended candidate. In Detroit alone, 75,355 ballots were never counted due to broken voter machines. President Trump won Michigan by only 10,700 votes.

Palast’s exhaustive investigation over the last 4 years also exposes the 1.9 million legal voters, the majority in minority communities, who were denied their right to vote upon arrival at their polling station. His investigation further reveals that one in five (22%) mail-in ballots are ​never counted​ —a fate that befalls Hispanic voters 300% more often than white voters. In the 2018 mid-term election for Georgia’s governor in the race between Stacey Abrams (D) and Brian Kemp (R), Republican voting officials quietly removed half a million voters from voter rolls.

The shocking evidence of voter suppression produced by Palast and his team could imply that our ability to save our democracy is hopeless. But, Palast also offers solutions to ensure voter integrity including the acquisition of proper identification, registering to vote before local deadlines, registering if you have moved residences (even in the same county) and perhaps simplest of all, confirming your voter registration every year.

Greg Palast is known for his investigative reports for BBC, The Guardian and Rolling Stone. He is the author of numerous books, including Armed Madhouse and Billionaires & Ballot Bandits. His 2002 bestseller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy covered in detail the fiasco of President Bush’s victory in Florida in 2000 and served as the basis for his documentary film Bush Family Fortunes. Before turning to journalism, Palast for 25 years was an expert investigator who directed some of America’s biggest racketeering and fraud cases for 26 attorneys general, the US Justice Department, and advisor to several governments worldwide and author of the United Nations guide to corporate regulation. His investigations have become instrumental in exposing historic controversies including the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station Project, Exxon Valdez, the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election, and Deepwater Horizon. He wrote the “Inside Corporate America” column for The Guardian and his articles have appeared in magazines and journals including Salon, Harper’s, and the Washington Post. Greg currently lives in Los Angeles.

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