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New ASAP to PSAP Technology Speeds Up Alarm Call Processing by 2 – 3 Minutes

Hamilton County Emergency Communications District is the first entity in Tennessee to use a new technology to process 911 calls faster, saving lives and taxpayer dollars.

Technology significantly impacts emergency response. Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) to Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)—or ASAP to PSAP—is one such example. On average, the new technology helps speed up response to alarm calls by two to three minutes.

Hamilton County Emergency Communications District partnered with ADS Security to lay the groundwork and be the first agency in Tennessee to deploy the new technology. The District uses TriTech Software Systems’ Next Generation 9-1-1 software, which includes Inform 911, Inform CAD, and Inform Mobile, to instantaneously receive the alarm service data as soon as the alarm monitoring service sends it.

Before the new technology was available, an alarm monitoring service representative would call in a validated alarm incident by phone, which involved dialing time, waiting for the call to connect, and then ringing delays before the call was answered. Next, via voice transmission, the basic information would be relayed which often included hard-to-pronounce street names or outdated addresses that required extra validation time before resources could be dispatched.

John Stuermer, Executive Director for Hamilton County Emergency Communications District said “As a leader in the Public Safety Communications field, the District continuously looks for innovative and technology-driven ways to serve our citizens and client agencies who help protect the lives, homes, and businesses in our community. The District uses the Next-Generation 9-1-1 features of TriTech’s Inform CAD system as a part of the ASAP to PSAP implementation. This advancement will help save lives, protect property, provide faster response times to in-progress events, and potentially apprehend more criminals. The next Inform 911 advancement we plan on implementing before year-end is Abandoned Call Processing, which could reduce our 9-1-1 Operator workload on wireless abandoned calls by as much as 80% percent with automated management of texting misdials.”

In the new ASAP to PSAP model, when Hamilton County Emergency Communications District receives an alarm reporting a call for law, fire, or EMS assistance, they:

  • instantly receive via Inform CAD the basic information previously relayed during a voice call, in addition to helpful first responder information that the alarm monitoring services have on file such as building floor plans, cautionary notes (i.e. hazardous materials, animals on-premise, etc.), the business or residence contact information, and bi-directional instant messaging updates on the incident.
  • reduce the potential for clerical errors that can delay response.
  • reduce radio traffic and sensitive information being communicated over public airwaves.
  • provide instant information and updates via Inform Mobile to first responders and additional aid units.
  • reduce the time that their Public Safety Telecommunicators are on the phone answering alarm calls.


  • Hamilton County Emergency Communications District dispatches for 27 agencies in Hamilton County, TN, which serves as home for approximately 350,000 residents. The District, under the leadership of Executive Director John Stuermer, receives nearly 700,000 calls each year–or 1,500 to 2,000 daily. Of those calls, 37,000+ (or over 5%) are alarm calls, which equates to an average of 1,500+ hours (or about 190 work shifts) saved annually at a two-and-a-half minutes faster alarm call processing.
  • The new ASAP to PSAP technology enables alarm monitoring services that have interfaced and tested with their state monitoring association to send alarm incidents to the PSAP’s Next Generation 9-1-1 CAD via the state message switch. In the case of Hamilton County, the alarm monitoring service confirms and then transmits the 9-1-1 call data which creates an Inform CAD incident for the Public Safety Telecommunicator to dispatch. Inform CAD presents the Districts’ Public Safety Telecommunicator with the recommended closest units available given the type of response needed within the 27 agencies for which the District dispatches. Inform Mobile notifies first responders of the Inform CAD call details, and bi-directional communication with the alarm monitoring service keeps all parties notified of up-to-date information, such as whether the home or business owner has been reached and any additional information they have provided.
  • Other agencies in Tennessee using a Next Generation 9-1-1 system like Inform CAD will be able to implement the ASAP to PSAP technology quickly because of the groundwork laid through the partnership of Hamilton County Emergency Communications District and ADS Security.
  • Hamilton County Emergency Communications District is the first agency in the state of Tennessee to use the ASAP to PSAP technology.
  • The ASAP technology is a national service that utilizes ANSI standard protocols developed cooperatively by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), The Monitoring Association (TMA), and the National Law Enforcement Teletype System (NLETS). ASAP is a public-private partnership designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from monitoring companies to PSAPs.

About TriTech Software Systems
TriTech revolutionized the public safety industry by becoming one of the first vendors to embed mapping technology into computer-aided dispatch software and to develop one the most sophisticated recommendation algorithms. TriTech leads the way as the undisputed leader with software that covers every facet within the incident-response workflow, including 9-1-1, computer-aided dispatch, field-based reporting, records management, jail management, analytics and intelligence, and ambulance billing software. Providing customers with unmatched satisfaction levels and delivering innovative solutions has made TriTech the most trusted partner in public safety software.


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