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New Freelance Platform to Provide Professional Development Perks Once Limited to Full-Time Workers

New Freelance Platform to Provide Professional Development Perks Once Limited to Full-Time Workers

Of all the perks that freelancing offers, there is admittedly one drawback: normalcy. The GIG economy is not an easy one.

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People take a “normal” 40-hour-a-week job because they want the built-in perks that come with it. This usually means a regular schedule and dependable pay as well as professional development and training services.

It’s certainly possible to earn a living without these things, and the 57.3 million freelancers in the U.S. as of 2017 have been doing so. However, a new freelancer service platform is setting out to change the game and offer the aforementioned perks and more as it strives to put freelancers on equal footing with their full-time counterparts.

Employment as we know it is changing. Some estimates say that the U.S. workforce could be more than 50 percent freelance in less than a decade.

QuiGig is not only taking this possibility to heart but is also working to ensure that figure grows to be as high as possible, and will soon offer a digital space for freelancers and customers to connect and get gigs done quick. This includes all those perks that Monday-through-Friday workers appreciate so much.

QuiGig’s insightful assistance will serve to benefit both freelance workers and customers offering short-term contracts for local and remote gigs. Here’s how the missing links will be repaired.

  • With data-driven and user-generated insight, freelancers on the QuiGig app can take on-site information and use it to better understand their market and raise their income as a result.
  • On QuiGig’s behalf, the company will be analyzing the many freelance markets it serves and delivering its insight to app users – just as any employer would do for its employees via a newsletter, for example.
  • The typically lonesome lifestyle of a freelancer is fixed through networking capabilities offered by QuiGig. Users will be able to establish connections and build relationships with other QuiGig members, thus expanding their reach and reputation.
  • Freelancers can improve their resume and QuiGig customers can hire talented help thanks to the professional development, certification programs and online training workshops that will be offered.

Even if you’ve already established firm footing in the freelance world, there’s no reason why QuiGig can’t give you an additional leg up. With this app launching later this year, users will be able to find jobs that are the best for their skills and interact with other QuiGig members through the use of utility tokens called “Quigs.”

This new approach will naturally filter out spam posts and unreliable clients, giving both parties immediate and fruitful access to each other.


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