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New mobile game Landlord GO

New mobile game Landlord GO

Landlord is an augmented reality game that lets players buy and sell real-world properties.

It’s like playing Monopoly and Pokemon GO in one.

Landlord Go is a brand new game by Reality that leverages these digital “footprints” in a fun and exciting way, allowing players to buy, sell, and collect rent on some of the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks.

With over 1 million players worldwide, it’s the first real- world augmented reality game that uses real buildings, real people, and real prices to turn your city into an action-packed strategy game.

The game uses Reality’s massive proprietary dataset, merging it with NASA satellite data to create one of the most authentic and realistic augmented reality games ever created.

By overlaying these data points on top of the real world, your city becomes the playing field.

Using image recognition software, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, Landlord Go takes advantage of bleeding-edge technology to make the experience as immersive and close to reality as it gets. New Landlord GO mobile app game.


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