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New Technology Helps Everyone in Mass Shooting Situations

Imagine if when a mass shooting occurred, if everyone inside the building and the police officers responding knew exactly where the shooter was at all times? It’s just one of the ways that one company is helping to minimize the deaths, injuries and other dangers associated with active shooter situations.

Hedge Tactical Solutions was founded by Kevin Grundstrom, a safety and security expert who trains organizations in tactical response. He started developing this new technology after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, with a team of law enforcement, military and other tactical experts.

“The problem in the past has been mass confusion,” Grundstrom said. “First responders don’t know where the shooter is or what he looks like. Occupants in the building have no idea if they should flee, seek shelter or remain where they are. Once the situation is contained, nobody really trusts that it’s safe to come out.”

When a threat is seen on the grounds or in a building, a user opens the app on their phone and hits the threat alert button. Instantly, everyone else’s phone in the building is activated with an alert tone. At the same time, the phones of all police in the area fire off the alert as well. The floorplan of the building the shooter is in pops up on everyone’s screen. The location of the shooter is noted by a red dot that moves through the building marking his location at all times. This is accomplished by a command center moving the location of the shooter by using the activated cameras inside the building.

Here’s how the technology works:

  • Knowing where the shooter is, what he looks like and what type of weapon he may have can give the police the critical knowledge and speed up response time to enter the building quickly. It eliminates the element of surprise the shooter has over his potential victims and gives the occupants of the building the knowledge to go into lockdown or to evacuate.
  • The system also has a mass notification feature that can be used by administration to let all of the occupants in the building know when the situation is over, when it’s safe to come out and where to meet up for reunification. It is also a critical tool for giving updates during the event.
  • The app has geo-fencing, which means that for most users, when they leave the building, it becomes inactive and cannot be used by them or a third party to set off a false alert.
  • There are also two other unique features: one for medical emergencies which alerts EMS and can show them the exact location of the patient in the facility, as well as show building occupants the location of defibrillators, medical equipment and nurse’s stations. There is also a “needs assistance” feature which can be used when a person needs help breaking up a fight, with an irate customer or help locating a missing person.


For more information contact: Jack Allen – – 954-821-3434

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