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No More Third Party Cookies with Google

Google’s deadline to eliminate all third-party cookies from its browser grows closer, companies are scrambling to effectively enable personalized ad experiences for users on all platforms.

Third-party cookies alone do not provide an adequate understanding of the audience for today’s digital marketer. Companies that take such a sophisticated approach to data must consider a multitude of user data points and signals to build an effective and hyper-personalized creative marketing campaign.

Oz Etzioni, CEO at Clinch, an AI powered omnichannel personalization technology platform said the following.

Collect both neutral (IP, browser info, etc) and behavioral signals from users on the advertiser’s website and during ad campaigns. This allows marketers to create unique user profiles across various devices, IPs, and browsers. These user profiles are applied to a machine learning algorithm that builds a knowledge graph of behaviors, vetting them to potentially unique users. The output is a probabilistic prediction for each user that allows us to serve personalized ads with high degree of certainty.

Integrate with a client’s CDP (customer data platform) or CRM, which allows marketers to digest consent-based user information from the advertiser and map it to our knowledge graph. This enables us to fine tune a message to a higher degree, based on the consumer. We are also able to take the information gathered on users from ad campaigns and feed it back to an advertisers CDP, which enriches each customer record, and allows for better insights for the client to understand their users, and build custom audience segments based on behavioral data.

True omnichannel execution requires connecting all data sources and signals to match and anonymously identify the user to deliver the most relevant experience. As it is obvious we are heading into some kind of a cookieless world, it’s important to be independent through multiple data sources and integrations, and remain committed to providing value throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.

Visit Clinch to see how they deliver hyper-personalized creative experiences across all channels.

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