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Non-Profit Donations Go VR

Non-profit Donations Go VR with Payscout, a global payment processing provider connecting merchants and consumers via credit, debit, ATM, and alternative payment networks.

The company’s technology platform offers payment processing solutions for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce and m-commerce transactions giving merchants instant access to 100+ countries, billions of consumers and trillions of dollars.

The company has already launched a VR Commerce app integrated with Visa Checkout (VCO), which allows users to register payment credentials within the digital wallet or access their existing VCO account. The integration of Visa Checkout, tied to an immersive 360-video experience and the opportunity to explore merchandise in a virtual store, means consumers can execute a secure and friction less payment in the VR experience without having to remove their headset.

That is the commercial B2B side of the things.

Payscout now has developed and launched technology that allows for live, friction less non-profit donations, sparking content creators and organizations to build compelling giving campaigns for their audience.

Now integrating their platform for non-profit donations with organizations like Jefferson Awards Foundation who’s mission is empower others to have maximum impact on the things they care about most. Giving campaigns like Lead360, Students in Action and GlobeChangers.

Security is the primary focus of the development process behind a solution like this. Even though this is a VR project, it was designed as a payment project and was designed around securing the payment or donation.

Security is the highest priority at Payscout and provides three layers of security with their solution.

  1. Tokenization a.k.a encryption
  2. Anti-fraud tools built into Visa’s VCO wallet technology
  3. The Payscout Payment Gateway which is a Level 1 PCI-compliant (payment card information) payment processing provider

Most importantly, the card information the consumer enters when they first download the app is not stored on the phone or the app.

How can users use Payscout’s technology and platform? It’s pretty simple.

  1. Downloads the app (Android only for now, Apple coming soon)
  2. Enter credentials through VCO, Visa’s digital wallet
  3. Place phone into a VR headset
  4. Shop a VR store/organization
  5. Purchase or donate

Simple yet it stands to completely revolutionize non-profit donations and commerce.

Payscout starts with culture. Their vision is to become the thought leading and fastest growing global payment processing provider in the world, and one of their cultural attributes is innovation.

They recognize there was no monetization solution for VR and that Vision of being a thought-leader really compels Payscout to innovate and bring solutions like this to market first.


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