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NYC Data Science Academy Launches Blockchain with Ethereum Course

The NYC Data Science Academy, regarded as one of the most rigorous and successful at training students for new careers in data science, has announced a new course for an Introduction to Blockchain with Ethereum that looks to give train developers and data enthusiasts an introduction to building smart contract applications.

The course begins on October 13 and will be held on the company’s campus in midtown New York.

Launched in 2015, the Ethereum blockchain has essentially created a new generation of decentralized applications by creating a platform that allows for the easy creation of applications that can run on ‘smart contracts’ – which allow for a huge range of trust-less applications that can be built for businesses and consumers alike. The popularity of Ethereum has exploded onto the world stage over the past few years with tens of thousands of developers and companies building applications and improving the infrastructure of the open source network today.

“We believe that blockchain technology will prove to be an important part of business applications in the near future,” said Vivian Zhang, Co-Founder and CTO of the NYC Data Science Academy. “We have an opportunity to give students a unique ‘data perspective’ on building smart contract applications and our new course will be a great introduction for anyone looking to get started.”

The course is designed for students with a technical background and will explore a range of technical topics, including:

  • Cryptographic hashing and symmetric/asymmetric data encryption/decryption, signatures with private keys
  • Decentralized p2p discovery protocol and Ethereum nodes
  • Proof of Work block mining vs Proof of Authority block sealing user accounts and smart contract accounts
  • Ethereum virtual machine and its bytecode
  • Gas, transactions, transaction receipts, transaction pool
  • Merkle tree/Merkle proof, Merkle Patricia tree and Blockchain state tree
  • Wallets like Mist/Ethereum wallet, the concept of DApps
  • The functionality of Swarm/Whisper/Oraclize/Ethereum Bridge

The course tries to strike a balance between the conceptual vs technical/hands-on aspects of Blockchain technology. The hand-on lecture code sessions involve working with the geth/parity client executables from the command-line, browser type smart contract compilation IDE and python jupyter notebook, etc.

The instructor for the course will be Dr. Aiko Liu, who received a doctorate in Mathematics from Harvard before conducting research and teaching at M.I.T and U.C Berkeley for nine years and later moving into the world of finance. He worked in the hedge fund industry on quantitative trading for a decade before diving into Data Science full time.

The Introduction to Blockchain with Ethereum course begins on October 13th and will consist of 6 comprehensive, all-day sessions.


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