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NYNJACoin to Launch on Bitmart August 15th

NYNJA Group Limited, a software and blockchain development company will officially list NYNJACoin token on Bitmart on August 15, 2019. NYNJACoin is the utility token for NYNJA, powering the platform’s distributed labor marketplace.

NYNJA has also been featured in Forbes, Markets Insider, Yahoo Finance, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph. NYNJA is currently available for download for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

The company has an aggressive strategy to launch a crypto wallet for peer-to-peer payments and crypto storage as well as NYNJA’s decentralized freelance labor marketplace in the next two quarters. When the NYNJA coin is launched, businesses will have real time access to thousands of remote workers, including the ability to pay these freelancers with Bitcoin, Ethereum, credit card or using NYNJACoin at a discounted rate.

NYNJA’s innovative blockchain-based talent assignment and arbitration engine allows businesses to tap NYNJA’s labor marketplace to find the best possible talent for any task they have, in real time. By pairing businesses with the best possible talent available across the entire available talent pool, NYNJA accelerates the pace of hiring.

“NYNJA has the labor marketplace of the the future” – Javen Lou – Bitmart Co-Founder and CMO

NYNJA’s Co-founder and CEO, JR Guerrieri is conducting a Q&A session today, Friday, August 8th at 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time and another on Saturday, August 9th at 1:00 PM. Interested parties can register here.


NYNJA is currently available for global commercial use and is available on at and in the Apple AppStore and Google Play. In addition to standard messaging features, NYNJA features scheduled messaging and translation and transcription. NYNJA is global, integrated and secure across every platform and device, and lets users make free Internet calls and transfer calls to any other communication device. NYNJA’s architecture features secure encryption of cloud data storage for saving messages, images and files, and features a beautifully designed and intuitive interface highlighted by the app’s patent and patent-pending concentric wheel navigation system. The concentric wheel enables quick and easy navigation of the app using only one thumb and eliminates the use for back buttons.

About NYNJA Group Limited

NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company creating the first international cross-platform communications app with a built-in cryptocurrency marketplace and cryptocurrency wallet.

The NYNJA app combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered by its own financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. Users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, as well as access exclusive content and earn tokens for viewing ads or using branded material.


For more information contact: Gary Yentin – 416.464.2223

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